From publishing to ad sales, empower your team with smart tools to collaborate and generate the most revenue for your business.

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Streamline your podcast business

Business insights across teams

From producers to ad operations, teams across your company can collaborate on dozens or even hundreds of shows.

Forecasting tools to drive revenue

Lock in campaigns upfront by looking beyond what’s launching this week and forecasting for the entire fiscal year.

Audience targeting for advertisers 

Tap into digital marketing budgets by providing brands the audience targeting and reporting they’ve come to expect.


Visualized inventory tracks campaigns at a glance.
  • Accurate, real-time view into open avails for host-read spots or impression-based sales.
  • An ad copy workflow that gives producers everything they need to publish and upload ad creative on one screen.
  • Delivery reconciliation and billing export.
  • Bulk actions that allow for easy insertion order entry and updating.
Simple content management delivers the most flexibility with the fewest headaches.
  • Intuitive publishing workflow that lets producers spend more energy creating great audio.
  • A publishing calendar that keeps ad ops and editorial teams in sync.
  • Flexible insertion point setup to accommodate any episode’s ad template.
Best-in-class metrics to measure who’s already listening and find new listeners.
  • IABv2-compliant data that provide industry-standard measurement.
  • Actionable insights into audience engagement and listening habits.
  • Track downloads and ad delivery by country, region, state, city, and app.
  • Metrics export services to power your own BI solution.
  • Publishing APIs that integrate with your internal toolset.
Granular control over campaign delivery aligns your advertiser’s goals with your listener’s experience.
  • Targeting by demographic and purchase intent.
  • Competitive separation that leverages the IAB’s content taxonomy.
  • Multiple frequency capping options to avoid ad fatigue.
  • Flexible priority tiers that balance sponsorships as well as run-of-show and run-of-network campaigns.
  • Pacing settings that balance hundreds of campaign goals against spikes and lulls in available inventory.

A word from our customers

"The best part about Megaphone is that their platform is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our organization. Their pace of development and what they've accomplished in the first six months of our partnership makes me excited for the future and what we can build together."

- Lyle Sweet, Director of Ad Tech & Operations

"The Megaphone team has been super responsive to our feedback and needs. Maybe even more important, they're clearly thinking all the time about how to improve the platform and move the industry forward."

- Max Linsky, Co-founder

"The platform is beautiful and easy to use. When we’re bringing on new shows and people hear we’re on Megaphone, they get really excited."

- Ilwira Marciszek, VP Digital Sales & Partnerships

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